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Group sharing

Make a shared calendar

Group member limit

Invite up to 100 members

Max groups

Create multiple groups

Member calendars

Assign events

“Only You” calendar

Events just for you

Easy invitation

Add members once

Group chat

Discuss updates

Event thread

Discuss plans together on the event

iOS home & lock screen widgets

See your day at a glance

Full month view

View your whole month

Daily agenda view

View plans day-by-day

Light / dark mode

Pick your vibe

Import / export events

Easily move events in and out

Search by event title

Find any event with just it’s title

Customise events

Add emojis to events

Easily share events

Just type to add

Filter calendars

Reduce clutter

Repeat events

Schedule and forget

Override repeats

Select multiple event starting alerts

Maps locations

Add detailed locations to events

Custom calendars

Group calendars for every use case

Multiple event alerts

Select multiple event starting alerts

Don’t miss non-OurCal events

Integrate all your existing calendars

Your calendar in every app

Full keyboard extension

Find any event faster

By date or location too

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You’re never tied down

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How does the 30-day money back guarantee work?
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